Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi is a female visual artist. She was born, works and lives in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America. Kit-Ling studied visual art in Suriname and the Netherlands. She was traditionally trained by well-known artists such as Stuart Robbles de Medina and Rudi Getrouw (Suriname),  Nico Molenkamp and Ru van Rossum (Holland), with an emphasis on painting, drawing and graphic art (etching, dry point, etcetera). In 2005, after successfully attending a workshop in the 'oneminutes' video film, organized by the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and the Akademie voor Hoger Kunst en Cultuuronderwijs (AHKCO - Art Academy, Paramaribo, Suriname), Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi added the short video-film as a medium to her artwork.
Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi made paintings and drawings, inspired by the tropical rainforest, and the richness of the diverse cultures in Suriname. After a period of devoted practice of Hata Yoga, an urge to go back to the basics arose. Then Kit-Ling ended up doing colour research and abstract painting for a short while. Living in a multi-cultural society, Kit-Ling still maintains certain elements of her Chinese heritage: meditation upon the subject matter and its inner energy. Along with nature and culture, women and children have always been important in the artwork of Kit-Ling. In 2008 Kit-Ling was reconsidering her position as a female artist and is focusing on the inner strength of women. In 2010 she restarted the search of the strength of hybridism’ and she wants to tell the story of her hometown, the 'City of Paramaribo' to the world. She says: Being a Surinamese, a Caribbean woman and a world citizen, I realize that I have a hybrid heritage, that I have a hybrid personality, that I am hybrid.
In 2011 the emphasis of her research transferred to questioning the differences and similarities between the immigrants and the home-stayers.

Kit-Ling is charter-member and secretary of the FVAS, Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname, since the foundation in 1998.
Kit-Ling was the featured Visual Artist at the 13th International Conference of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars.
This conference THE CARIBBEAN, THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE,Women's Efforts, Women's Lives was held in Suriname, in May 2012.
Kit-Ling is selected as the recipient of the
Bridget Jones Award for 2013.