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Name:   Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi
Address:   Pisangrodjostraat 62



  South America



    Solo Exhibitions
The Strength of Women (Exhibition, presentation of book, screening of short video-film ‘UMA’), Paramaribo, Suriname
1997   "Surpost Kit-Ling 97" in addition to the issue of post stamps for the benefit of children "Help Me",
Surinaams Museum, Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo, Suriname
1996   "Ala libi hab' tu fesi", Surinaams Museum, Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo, Suriname
1992   "Kit-Ling", Centro Andres Bellos, Paramaribo, Suriname

    Group Exhibitions and Art events (selection)
    Affiliated to Readytex Art Gallery since 2006

Surinamaises à nos cimaises... (with Sri Irodikromo), Galerie L'ENCADRIER, Cayenne, French Guiana

Vredig, Vrij en Vriendelijk, Readytex Art Gallery in De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname


Kunst is Kracht, Readytex Art Gallery in De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname

Colourful Friendship, Queens Park Gallery, Barbados
7th Biennale du Marronage, Matoury, French Guiana
Cityoneminutes, Shanghai, China
2008   "world oneminutes beijing2008", Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2007 – 2008   Salon Dibujo, Museo del Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2007   "Synergy", Paramaribo, Suriname
2007   "Iets Anders", Paramaribo, Suriname
2006   First ACP Festival, Museo del Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
2006   Carifesta IX, Trinidad & Tobago
2006   FVAS-AGA exhibition
2005   115 Jaar Herdenking Javaanse Immigratie
2004   "Coronie 2004", an experimental art project, Suriname
2003 / 2004   V Caribbean Biennial, Museo del Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2003   Carifesta 8, Paramaribo, Suriname
2002   Banana Paper Exhibition, Osaka, Japan
2001 / 2002   IV Caribbean Biennial, Museo del Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2001 / 2002   "Between Lines", Cariforum traveling exhibtion (Haití,Dominican Republic (3 cities) ,
St. Kitts, Dominica , St. Maarten/ St. Martin, Antigua, Brussels, Martinique,Guadeloupe,
Barbados, Suriname) 
2001    Brahma Kumaris Art Gallery, New York - NY, USA
2000    Carifesta 7, St. Kitts & Nevis
2000    Suriname 2000, Trinidad & Tobago
1993 - 2010    Nationale Kunstbeurs, Paramaribo (several times)
1997 - 2007    Surifesta Exhibitions and Art events (Surifesta is an End of the Year Festival in Suriname)
1998 / 1999    Zeelandia Suites, Paramaribo
1997    Woman & Identity, Bonaire
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In 1996 Kit-Ling initiated her first personal Art project. A Christmas songbook "Popular X-mas Songs in Suriname" was published, with accompanied by music on cassette and CD.

In 1998 the FVAS, Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname was founded. Since then, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi has been the secretary and has been the coordinator of all projects initiated and executed by the FVAS.
With the participation of the Visual Artists in Surifesta, the national festival at the end of the year a trend has been set. Not only exhibitions were organized, but also happenings and small Art projects with a social impact.

Larger FVAS Art Projects were "Without Boundaries" in 2000, with a national exhibition on Art and Culture; an international exchange program with Kiskadee, a cultural laboratory, Port of Spain, Trinidad; an international exchange program with Eject, a program consisting of several artists originated from various countries. "Coronie 2004", a national project in the rural district of Coronie; Two Educational Art projects on Environment and Art: one in 2006 - 2007 sponsored by the IDB Cultural Center and one in 2007 - 2008 sponsored UNESCO.

Another FVAS project was an exchange program with AGA, Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier.
At the moment another project is running till 2009: The Artists-in-Residence program in Duende, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; an exchange program in which 5 Surinamese visual artists are in residence in Rotterdam for 3 months.
After 10 years of coordinating the FVAS-project it is them for a personal Art project again. 

In February 2009, the project “The Strength of Women” was presented in a solo exhibition, a short video film and a book.
In the book Kit-Ling narrates both visually and in words three stories about strong women. In these stories she wanted to create a true fusion between visual art and the art of words. The visual imagination should not be subordinate to the story, or the other way around.
The film is an experimental art film and an interaction between Tanuya Manichand (dancer, Suriname), Karel Doing (visual artist, The Netherlands) and Kit-Ling. This film ‘UMA’ had its première on December 8, 2008 during the documentary festival of The Back Lot.

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Collection, Etcetera

Work included in various private collections in Suriname and in different foreign countries.
State collection of Suriname.
State collection of Brazil 
State collection of Gyuana

Book illustrations (front pages of books not included)
1988 - 1989 
Free-lance illustrator for the publishing company “Educatieve Uitgeverij de Ruiter”, the Netherlands, mini – informative series.  
Popular X- mas Songs in Suriname  
Emilina, a publication of CCS (Cultural Center Suriname)            


1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994  In total four 12 & 13 –page calendars for Randoe NV Suriname
A six-page art calendar for FinaBank, reproductions of six paintings from the series "Pikin fu busi”, compiled by Rudi de La Fuente.           

Stamps sold to benefit children  
Christmas stamps
America '99
125e Anniversaire de l'Union Postale Universelle
Christmas stamps


Surifesta 2001, Posterwedstrijd: Eerste prijs 

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Beeldende kunst in Suriname. De twintigste eeuw, Chandra van Binnendijk & Paul Faber, Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, 2000.
FVAS – AGA workshops 2006 
The Strength of Women 2009

Exhibition books
National Art Exhibition 1993 - 1998 - 1999 – 2000 – 2002 - 2005 - 2010  
Vrouw & Identiteit, 1997
Suriname 2000 - Suriname, van Nederlandse kolonie tot onafhankelijke staat, 2000
"Between Lines", 2001
'Colourful Friendship' 2010

Newspaper and magazine articles. (Selection)
Expo Kit-Ling '92: Prachtige vrouwententoonstelling van Surinaamse cultuur en natuur, Elvira Rijsdijk, de Ware Tijd 1992
Cultuur enzo…, Javaanse Cultuur, Elvira Rijsdijk, de Ware tijd 1992
Een Surinaamse vrouw in de kunst, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, de Ware Tijd 1996
Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Solo expo, kinder- en kerstzegels, de Ware Tijd 1997
Kinder- en  kerstpostzegels van Kunstenares Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, PIT-magazine 1997
Galerie Steinhoff: Waar vrouwelijke beeldende werkers niet in het niet vallen, de Ware Tijd 1997
Beeldende kunst door Surinaamse vrouwen, Elvira Rijsdijk, De Surinaamse Krant 1997
A woman to remember, Kenneth Ramchand, Trinidad Guardian 1997
NK'98 van hogere kwaliteit dan '97, Carla Tuinfort, de West 1998
"Popular X-mas Songs in Suriname", Een hartverwarmende kerstproduktie, Elvira Rijsdijk, Kompas 1998 
Karin Chin A Sen / Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi exposeren in Zeelandia Suites, PIT- magazine 1998
Mini-expo: Schilderijen op hout en drie soorten keramiek, Elvira Rijsdijk, de Ware Tijd 1998
A passion for the unusual, Essiba Small, Trinidad Guardian, 2000 
The Washington Times, A Special Report on Suriname, 2001.
Cariforum Review # 7, 2002 
Cariforum Review # 12, 2003
Bijzondere kunst met een boodschap op expositie Kunstproject Coronie 2004, Nancy de Ramdanie, de Ware Tijd 2004
Vogels in Suriname, Sabaku, Surinam Airways in-flight Magazine, Feb-Apr. 2005 
Creativiteit bij expo etsen, droge naald en zeefdruk, Sharon Singh, De Ware Tijd, december 2006
Surinaamse kunst in vogelvlucht, Marieke Visser, Origine # 6 / 2007
Drie luik van Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Bonnie van Leeuwaarde, De Ware Tijd 2008
Kit-Ling, Steven van Fredrikslust, Moksi Collections 2
Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, 'Vrouwen zijn niet zwart-wit', Bonnie van Leeuwaarde, De Ware Tijd 2009
The world is in war, de wereld is in de war, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Swit' Kontren, De ware Tijd 2011
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2009   Academie voor Hoger Kunst en Cultuur Onderwijs, AHKCO, Suriname in co-operation with the Sandberg Instituut, The Netherlands. Workshop 'city oneminutes' (short video-film)
2005 - 2006
  SFA, Surinaamse Film Academie. Camera, Licht en Belichting
2005   Academie voor Hoger Kunst en Cultuur Onderwijs, AHKCO, Suriname in co-operation with the Sandberg Instituut, The Netherlands. Workshop 'theoneminutes' (short video-film)
1976 - 1979
  Academy in Tilburg - (MO-A and MO-B)
    Lecturers, amongst others, Nico Molenkamp (painting and aquarelle), Ru van Rossum (graphic art)
1972 - 1976
  Advanced Teacher Training Institute in Paramaribo - (Visual Art MO-A)    
  Lecturers, amongst others, Rudi Getrouw, Stuart Robbles de Medina.
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Working experience

Artist in Residence at Vermont Studio Center
2003 – 2005   Lecturer in Psychology of Art at the Advanced Teacher Training Institute
Since 1998   As secretary of FVAS, project management of several Art Projects
1996   First personal Art project - Project manager of the Christmas songbook "Popular X- mas Songs in Suriname”, with accompanying music on cassette and CD.
Since 1988   Visual Artist
1979 - 1987   Art teacher at the Lyceum High School and the Surinamese Pedagogic Institute; Art lecturer at the Advanced Teacher Training Institute; Specialist for the Project “Renewal Curriculum Primary Education”

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Maybe you can say that through the years my statement changed. Maybe because a statement is only a state of mind at a certain time. 

When I decided to dedicate myself to Art as a professional Artist, my main focus was on culture and nature.

Wan bon, someni wiwiri (One tree, so many leaves)

This text is out of a poem by Dobru, our Surinamese poet. It is not about a melting pot as it has been in many of the Caribbean Islands.  It was about authentic ethnic cultures that all different ethnic groups were proud to show to each other and to the world as being of one country Suriname.  First I was fascinated by all the different cultures in my country and then I adapted them all as being mine. All these cultures have inspired me in my work.

The Spiritual Strength nature holds within
My country has the most extraordinary nature. For instance National Geographic published an article on the ‘Tafelberg’ as a unique spot on earth. It is not just this beautiful nature but nature as the spiritual strength it holds within.

Life is Art and Art is Life
But then came a time when nature and culture were no issue anymore.
I realized that Art was more than a picture on the wall or a sculpture in a hall.
I dedicated myself to the development of Visual Art in Suriname. Art events and productions together with other artists became more important, then my work as an individual artist.
 The concept was Art and the rest was of less importance. This idea changed and especially in recent years my love for the traditional way of painting is increasing again. 
But for years I stated that ‘Life is Art and Art is Life’.

The inner strength of a woman
Through the years I became increasingly aware of existing prejudices and barriers withholding talented women from becoming professional artists in my developing country.
Then I reconsidered my position as a female artist, or woman artist.
I was asked to have a speech at the opening of an exhibition of 5 woman artists. I decided to do a performance. It was a dance in silence, a dance based on Ballet-, Kathak- and Barat Natyam movements. My speech became the explanation of the performance.

The woman artist
You reach for something higher
It becomes your own
You make it visible
You look into the mirror
You can be confident
You did a good job
You are doing experiments, not everybody understands you
Concentrated you are going on
You keep your balance on the edge of emotion and intellect
You want to be sublime

The Dutch version:
De vrouw als beeldend kunstenaar
Je doet een greep naar het hogere
Je maakt het je eigen
Je brengt het naar buiten
Je houdt jezelf een spiegel voor
Je merkt dat je zelfvertrouwen mag hebben
Je hebt iets goeds bereikt
Je experimenteert, niet iedereen begrijpt je
Maar je gaat toch geconcentreerd verder
Je balanceert op de rand van emotie en intelligentie
Je wilt het sublieme bereiken.

This subject inspired me to realize an interdisciplinary project ‘The strength of women’ consisting of a solo exhibition, a short video-film and a booklet with three short stories.
My statement was: ‘It is my inner strength that keeps me in balance as a women artist.’


Recently I started to focus again on the multicultural Surinamese society and the person I became; born, living and working in Suriname, a Dutch Caribbean country.

Multiculturalism often raises the question of one’s own identity.
I envision the following process of identity formation:
1.The first generations (slaves, immigrants, colonists) bring traditional cultural expressions from their homeland to the new country.
2.The culture of those in power is superior and mostly the other groups conform to that culture.
3.The ‘back to the roots’ generations, who strive towards renewed appreciation of authentic culture.
4.The hybrid generation. A natural process of assimilation. It can be a mixture of different races, but also just conscious or unconscious blending of different cultural elements.

In Suriname the melting pot idea was never an issue. Parochialism was in favour of political parties. Living peacefully together next to each other was the solution. But the one tree with so many leaves has been bearing fruits. And out of the cross-pollination came hybridism.
Being a Surinamese, a Caribbean woman and a world citizen, I realize that I have a hybrid heritage, that I have a hybrid personality, that I am hybrid.  I started a research of the strength of hybridism.’ The globalization with people traveling back and forth is a basis for hybridism.

Being local and ‘splendid in isolation’, being of ‘a place out of time’.
‘Suriname splendid in isolation, a place out of time, where Asia, Africa and the Netherlands meet’, was the title of an article by Simon Romero, New York Times Travel section, dated September 16, 2011.  The article was published during my residency at Vermont Studio Center.
At the moment I want to tell the story of a place out of time to the world.

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