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Strength of Women

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Women have played an important role in the artwork of Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi always.
She made paintings of proud Kotomisi’s in their colourful native dresses, women in waterfalls, women surrounded by Piranha’s, etcetera. Working and living in Suriname, the Surinamese women were mostly the source of inspiration. 
Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi is proud of her Surinamese sisters, because Surinamese women are very strong. They often have been able to survive all kinds of dangerous situations while remaining cheerful and optimistic, as if nothing has happened.  
But you can look at the strength of women in very many ways. Depending on the situation they are in, their disposition and their talents, women manifest their strength in various ways.
At the moment Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi is concentrating on the strength of women.  
In 2005 Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi did a performance at the opening of “Different Strokes”, an exhibition of 5 Surinamese women artists. 

woman artist

The woman artist
You reach for something higher
It becomes your own
You make it visible
You look into the mirror
You can be confident
You did a good job
You are doing experiments,
not everybody understands you
Concentrated you are going on
You keep your balance on
the edge of emotion and intellect
You want to be sublime 

Several works, both paintings and drawings, and a video installation were made on this concept.

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"The Strength of Women"
In June 2009 Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi presented her inter-disciplinary art project ‘The Strength of Women’. This art project consisted of an experimental art film UMA, a book and a solo exhibition.

The film UMA already had its première on December 8, 2008 during the documentary festival of The Back Lot. In this short video film of 9 minutes, Tanuya Manichand expresses herself in a dance about the diverse strengths of a woman. UMA was an inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural exchange between Tanuya Manichand (dancer, Suriname), Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi (visual artist, Suriname) and Karel Doing (visual artist and filmmaker, Rotterdam). This exchange program was also part of the agreement of co-operation between Paramaribo and Rotterdam, in the field of visual arts.

In the book ‘The Strength of Women’, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi narrates both visually and in words, three stories about strong women. In these stories she wants to create a true fusion between visual art and the art of words. The visual imagination should not be subordinate to the story, or the other way around.

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